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If you do not agree to this policy, do not use our site. By using this site, you imply your acceptance of this policy. Use of the Site after changes to this policy are posted will be considered your acceptance of those changes.

Terms and Conditions

The Website that Stewart Jeans owns and manages is subject to these Terms of Service.

The Terms and Conditions of Use govern how you may use and gain access to the data, software, text, and other content on our website. You must stop using the website if you disagree with these terms of use.

The website is hosted in India, and unless otherwise noted, all references to money are made in dollars or rupees.

ON THE WEBSITE AVAILABLE INFORMATION Unless specifically mentioned, the Content won't: 

  • Offer a reward or an inducement to sign a legally binding contract.
  • The terms and conditions that apply to our products and services include a section on makeup.

Although we try our best to ensure that all the information on this website is accurate, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors in any of the content. 

If you see any mistakes, please let us know so we may try to fix them. You have rights under the Consumer Rights Act if the products you purchase don't match the description we gave (see below). You might be able to request an exchange or refund of an item under your consumer rights (see below).

It is crucial to perform your research into and assess the Content as well as any data, projections, or opinions on this website before you make or refrain from making any decisions based on the Website or Content.


If you place an order for products using the website's instructions, you're offering to buy a product for the price listed there when you place your order (Offer). For whatever reason, including but not limited to the inability of the items, an error in the pricing or description of the product on the Website, or an error in the Offer you make, we may, in our sole discretion, accept or reject any Offer that you make.

Once we've placed your order, we cannot modify anything.

You have the right to return an item to us after it has been delivered if you make a mistake with it to receive credit. By our Refunds policy, we will accept returns for free. 

Call our Customer Support if you believe you submitted the incorrect address, and we'll work with our courier partner to find your purchase and fix it. When things have been missing for more than five days, we will start the investigation through our courier partner.


To ensure secure credit card processing transactions, we use RazorPay Payment Gateway. We don't store or have access to your credit card information. Through the RazorPay Payment Gateway, the information is delivered safely and securely.

If you're thinking about sending us any additional personal data via Stewart Jeans or another electronic channel Be warned that during transport, especially if there is no encryption, your information may be susceptible (e.g. email, HTTP standard). Since we must abide by regulations requiring us to protect the privacy of your personal information while it is in our possession, the company must do so.

Downloads of the website are available.

Internet services are susceptible to disruption and breakdown, virus delays, interception, and issues with computers, communications networks servers, providers, computer devices, and programs. While we take reasonable care and expertise to ensure that our website is error- and harmful code-free.

We advise installing and maintaining the most recent security, virus, and intrusion prevention as well as scanning software designed specifically for all the devices you use to access the Website on any device you use to browse it.

Your Initiatives

When using the website, all of your actions are your responsibility. Access to the Website may be terminated for any illegal, fraudulent, or unlawful activity.

You will be fully responsible for any use of the Website that results from having access, whether or not you are permitted if we give you the password you need to access a certain area of the Website.

Your Content

We might let you post content on our website (including posting messages and uploading files, submitting information, or engaging in any other type of communication). You give us an irrevocable permanent, royalty-free, and perpetual non-exclusive license to use the following strategies concerning any Content you submit for publication on the Website.

  • Use, copy, edit, transmit, publicly broadcast, and display the content, as well as create derivative works of the content under a sublicense.
  • Any of these rights may be granted as a sublicense.

You are aware that, for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to computer, software, mechanical, telecommunications, or electronic problems, the Content you submit to or attempt to incorporate into the Website may not be received by or correctly displayed on the Website.

  • You are not permitted to provide the website with any content or links for inclusion in any way.
  • Are they dishonest, false, or deceptive (including using a false identity or claiming affiliation with a person or entity)?
  • violates any third party's copyright, as well as their patent, trademark, or trade secret rights, as well as their proprietary, privacy, and publicity rights.
  • violates all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations, or participates in or promotes actions that might be construed as criminal offenses (including bans on sending spam messages).
  • Are libelous, slanderous, harassing, or threatening in any way?
  • It is damaging, dangerous, violent, offensive, libelous, or menacing. It is obnoxious in terms of discrimination, vulgarity, pornography, profanity, or sexuality.


Links to other websites may be found on the website. The fact that we have provided these links does not imply that we support or sponsor the operators of such websites or their content.


Any service provided on or via this website, as well as this website, may be terminated at any moment, without prior notice and at our sole discretion. All clauses in these terms of service, including ownership clauses, warranty disclaimers, and liability restrictions, which by their nature must endure termination, shall do so.


Except when otherwise specified, we own or have permission to use the copyright for the content on this website. None of the Content from this Website may be duplicated, modified, uploaded to a third party, linked to, framed, made public, or distributed in any way through any means, except as may be required to view the Content on this site or through your browser, or by these Terms of Use under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), or any other applicable laws in force (as necessary).

Our company has permission to use the trademarks on this website. On this website, trademarks and logos may not be used unless expressly granted by the owner or as required by law. Without our written permission or the written consent of the owner, who is a third party, none of the Websites grant or should be taken to grant, implicitly or explicitly, estoppel or otherwise, any right or license for the use of any trademarks or trademarks.


On occasion, in connection with your account with us, we will offer you discounts and deals via a Promo Code or Special Pricing. They are in line with the terms and conditions that are explained to you after the offer is made available to the general public. All promotions and offers are issued at Stewart Jeans' sole discretion and are liable to modification or termination without prior notice.


By posting the various Terms of Use on our website, we reserve the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. By doing this, we have adequately informed you of the change. The most recent Terms of Use, which are posted on the Website at the moment, govern how the Website and its Content are used.


By this agreement, the parties grant the courts sole jurisdiction.

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