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About Us

Stewart Denim is a brand designed by KAKO Apparel which was founded in Jan 2019; we are engaged in manufacturing, trading, and supplying qualitative men's and women's apparel selling. Well, our products are online. We deliver products directly to consumers around India and the neighboring states. So we offered customers a convenient way of shopping for an amazingly wide collection of lifestyle products at an affordable and attractive price.

Being a renowned manufacturer and wholesaler, we offer all types of our products at the best wholesale rates. We aim to fill the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer to get the best good quality products reasonably at the best prices.

We started our business as an online retail company and gradually added our production plant to our esteemed customers' customized specifications. We offer products of men's and women's apparel that include denim. And the best part is that our range of products with diverse designs and colors has been recognized and admired by our customers.

One of the top denim streetwear companies in India is Stewart. Our selection is the most appropriate for you and improves your experience by having a global appeal. Because our clients have faith in our brand, we put a lot of effort into giving them the finest value possible. The main goal of our technique is to provide comfort in design. Your favorite product's creation goes through a meticulous process in every aspect.

Making sure you feel confident and at ease in your outfit is the cornerstone of fashion. We are dedicated to integrating premium design and superior fabrication to create products. Stewart wears custom-made gear that fits him well and strikes the right balance between comfort and flair. Producing clothing has never meant as much to us as creating it has. What sets us apart from other people is the process of bringing an idea to life and then incorporating it into daily life. To give Comfort apparel services and simultaneously offer the fashion industry a new perspective, Stewart, as a Modern denim brand, pays particular attention to distinctive concepts and developments.

Our Vision

KAKO APPAREL is growing and is jumping towards new milestones, and our journey will carry on. Moreover, our team has grown considerably, and so is our business. We want to increase our revenues and make our customers satisfied with our products. Our central vision is to make our customers happy with our products and make sure our customers will get all their favorite products at an affordable and best price.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to bring the best collections for our customers. Moreover, we are looking forward to extending our packs for men's and women's and getting the best trending clothes for our customers. We also customized clothes, especially for the plus size.
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