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Shipping Policy

All of our customers receive first-rate shipping from Stewart Denim, which includes inspection, quick & on-time delivery, top-notch packaging, and prompt communication at each shipment stage. We are fully aware that the main concern after making an internet purchase is typically, "Where is my stuff?" Fortunately, we take care of that concern. It means that once you have purchased a product from our website, we will handle everything, allowing you to relax and not worry about anything.

To ensure that you receive your order promptly, safely, and with the utmost consideration, we have worked with the majority of the leading courier and logistical partners.


Please be aware that shipping costs vary by product. If you spend a certain amount, if it's part of a promotion, or if it varies from product to product, the shipping costs might be eliminated. If there are any shipping fees for a product, these are disclosed to you before you make the purchase and are mentioned along with the goods.

The delivery window specified in the product's specifications is an estimate. The actual delivery time is determined on the order's availability, the delivery address, courier problems, and other potential delivery-related factors.

You always have the option to contact our Customer Support team and cancel your order due to a delayed shipment.

Only the one destination address provided at the time of payment for each item would be mailed. As a result, you must place additional orders if you want to transport goods to various destinations.

Products sold by the sellers on our platform at Stewart Denim may be subject to shipping fees. The shipping costs are not set in stone and vary depending on the nature/category of your product, the area from which it is shipped, the gross weight of the item, etc.

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